The Windows Subsystem for Android helps your Windows 11 PC run mobile apps from the Amazon Appstore. Once it's set up, you'll be able to browse and install mobile apps from a curated catalogue.

Device requirements

To see the minimum requirements needed for your PC, go to Windows 11 Specs and System Requirements, then review Feature-specific requirements for Windows 11.

Install the Subsystem and the Amazon Appstore

There are two ways to install the Subsystem:

  • Open the Microsoft Store app and search for the Amazon Appstore. Select Get to install it. During the installation process, the Windows Subsystem for Android will be installed on your PC.

  • Search for a mobile app on the Microsoft Store. The Amazon Appstore and the Windows Subsystem for Android will be installed before the mobile app is installed.

When the installation is finished, the Windows Subsystem for Android Settings app and the Amazon Appstore will appear in the Start menu and your app list. 

Install mobile apps

An Amazon account is required to download mobile apps from the Amazon Appstore. When you're ready, open the Amazon Appstore and sign in with your Amazon account.

Once a mobile app is installed, you can open it directly from your Start menu and app list.

Access Windows files in the Subsystem

The Subsystem uses a file system that's separate and different from Windows—these files can't be transferred to Windows. Also, files available in Windows aren't accessible in the Subsystem and any mobile apps. If you need to, here's how to view your files: 

  1. Open Windows Subsystem for Android Settings app.

  2. Select Files.

  3. Your files in the Subsystem will open and you can browse any images, videos, audio, documents, and downloads that are saved in the Subsystem.

Input and navigation in mobile apps

Navigating mobile apps is different on your PC. Here are some tips on getting around:

  • Scroll through apps with the scroll wheel on your mouse or with trackpad gestures. You can also use your mouse or trackpad to click and drag up, down, left, and right in an app.

  • Select the back button in a mobile app's title bar to go back to the previous page.

  • Some games support arrow keys to get around. Some might also support mouse input to do the same.

For info on accessibility in mobile apps, see Accessibility on Windows Subsystem for Android™.

Cellular data usage

If your PC supports a cellular network connection and you have a data plan with a mobile operator, the Subsystem, the Amazon Appstore, and any installed apps can use cellular data.


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