Event ID 307 and Event ID 304 are logged after you deploy Windows on a device

Gilt für: Windows 10, version 2004, all editionsWindows Server, version 2004, all editionsWindows 10, version 1909, all editions


When you deploy Windows on a device, the following events are logged:

The following is an example of the event IDs:

event 307


These event IDs occur when the infrastructure is not prepared for Hybrid join. When the device tries to do Hybrid join, the registration fails, and the events are logged.


If the infrastructure is in a non-Hybrid join environment, these event IDs are expected during Windows 10 deployment. They can be ignored.

If you have a Hybrid scenario, see Troubleshooting hybrid Azure Active Directory joined Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 devices for troubleshooting steps.