Do your one-on-ones in Teams

Got lots of one-on-one meetings? Maybe you manage people, or you sync regularly with key colleagues. Whether you meet online in Teams or face-to-face, Teams can help keep things organized. Your first impulse might be to create a team for each of your one-on-one meetings, but that can get unwieldy over time. And teams are really meant for groups of three or more people. 

So then how should you structure your one-on-ones using Teams? The answer is chat. Here’s why:

  • Chat holds all the files you’ve shared with each other in Teams.

  • You can add important files, web sites, and apps to the top of your chat for easy review.

  • If you meet virtually, either of you can kick off a call right from your chat.

First up, pin that chat.

Pinned chats stay at the top of the chat area so you don’t have to hunt them down. Pin the chat for each person you meet with one on one. You can pin up to 15 chats.

To pin a chat, highlight the chat, then select More options More options button > Pin.

Once you’ve pinned the chats, drag them into the order you want. Now all your important chats are within easy reach.

Teams pin a chat

Pin your most frequently used chats for easy access.

Next, put important stuff in tabs at the top of your chat

Let’s say you’ve got a file that you review regularly together during your one-on-one time. To keep it front and center, turn it into a tab that’s part of your chat. To do this, after you've shared the file in the chat, click Add a tab (the + sign) at the top of the chat. Choose the type of file it is, then the file itself. 

You can use a OneNote tab for things like agenda and meeting notes. Tabs can also be links to other things—like a PowerBI dashboard, a project task board, a whiteboard, or a website.

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Get at a frequently used file by making it a tab.

Tip: Remove tabs that are no longer relevant to keep your chat tidy and manageable.


A little more about Files

Your chat with a person catalogs the files you and that person share with each other in Teams—all right there on the Files tab. Whether it’s a living document that you’re developing together, or a one-off review, if it’s been shared in your chat, you can get at it in the Files tab. 

Here are two ways to share files in chats:

  • Go to Files on the left side of Teams, highlight the file, choose More options More options button > Copy link, and paste the link directly into a message.

  • In the toolbar under your message, click Attach Choose file button , and upload your document.

Teams Files View

The Files tab in your chat shows all the files you've shared with each other.

When you’re ready to meet

If you meet virtually, you can kick off the meeting right from your chat. In the chat, look in the upper right corner for the Video call and Audio call buttons. 

Video call, Audio call, and Add people buttons

Once you're in a call, either of you can share your screen so you can look at things together—like one of those important files or websites you put in a tab at the top of your chat.  

That’s it!

Voilà—a customized space for your one-on-ones, with everything the two of you need within easy reach. 

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