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Explore apps and tools

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Find apps and use them in chats, channels, and meetings in Microsoft Teams. Apps can show up in several places depending on what they do and how they're built.  

Apps in tabs

Apps can be used in channels or chats.

  1. Select the Select to add an item. plus sign at the top of a channel or chat.

  2. Search for or select the app you want to add it. 

  3. Add information if needed, and select Save.

    The app appears at the top of your chat or channel.

Apps in messages

  • Select New conversation under the message box and select an app to start using it.

  • If you don't see the app you want, select More options  More options button , find one, and select Add.

Apps as Connectors

Connectors are apps that send notifications and information to a channel. To add a connector:

  • Go to the channel you want, select More options  More options button  > Connectors, and choose an app. You'll be prompted to add a service and configure notifications.

Apps used outside a team, channel, or chat

  • Select More added apps More options button and choose an app.

    This lets you see a view of all your information in that app from across Teams.

All apps

Looking for all apps? Select Apps  on the left side of Teams to search and browse for apps available to your organization. Discover new apps based on Categories. Some apps require subscriptions or signing-in.

Apps in meetings

Add an app to a scheduled meeting to enhance how your work and collaborate with your team.

  1. Before a scheduled meeting starts, open the calendar invite and select the Select to add an item. plus sign at the top of it.

  2. Choose an app and select Add.

  3. During the meeting, view content with your attendees and gather information from your added app.

    Apps stay as tabs in your invite so you can get to them any time after a meeting.

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