Format the pill shapes in a choice column

Lists in Teams offers a special formatting option for choice columns: You can format the "pills" that surround each choice so that the choice names provide additional info, are easier to read, or just look better. 

Note: This feature is not currently available on mobile.

For example, here is a choice column with pill formatting for session types at a conference:

Example of pill formatting

  1. Go to the list containing the column you want to format.

  2. In a list view (as opposed to a gallery view) select the down arrow next to the column name > Column settings > Format this column.

    Format this column menu option

  3. Under Choice pills select Edit styles, and then select the edit icon Edit icon  to the right of a choice name.

  4. Make your choices on the color screen and in More styles.

  5. Select Save when you're done.

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