What comes with an upgrade?

  • Users upgrade to a fully featured Microsoft 365 subscription, Microsoft 365 Business Standard ($12.50 user/​month with an annual commitment).

  • The full set of Teams features, including scheduled meetings, calendar, 1 TB of file storage, and advanced administration features.

  • There's no data loss during the upgrade—all your teams, chats, files, and permissions come with you!

  • Get a custom domain free for one year.

    Note: Annual commitment required. Custom domain is $12 per year after the first year. Only new Microsoft 365 for business subscribers are eligible. Limit one free year and one customer domain per organization. Offer not transferrable. Domains subject to availability and GoDaddy’s terms.

Things to keep in mind before you upgrade

  • Once you upgrade, your organization can't go back to the free version of Teams.

  • You have to upgrade to a new Microsoft 365 subscription. Merging Teams Free (classic) into an existing Microsoft 365 paid subscription is not supported.

  • When you upgrade, your entire org comes along for the ride! However, this means that all users in your org must be upgraded—we don’t support a mix of paid and free users.

  • During the upgrade, you'll register a domain name for the org. This can either be a custom domain you already own or would like to purchase (such as contoso.com) or a temporary domain provided by Microsoft (such as contoso.onmicrosoft.com).

  • After the upgrade, all sign-in addresses in the org must match the new domain name. You'll need to update any email addresses that don't match the domain name in order for those users to use the full versions of Teams and Microsoft 365.

Upgrade your org

Note: You'll need to upgrade all users within your organization. If there are users you don't want to upgrade, remove them before starting the upgrade.

  1. When you're ready, click here to begin the upgrade process.

  2. Follow the instructions to purchase licenses and claim a domain name for your org.

Finish upgrading your org

After upgrading the org, update each member's credentials to Microsoft 365 credentials so they can use the full version of Teams and all Microsoft 365 services. See For admins upgrading from Teams Free (classic) to a paid subscription for instructions.

Looking for other plans?

If you want to upgrade your Teams Free (classic) org to a different plan, such as Business Essentials or Office 365 Enterprise E3, follow this process:

  1. Upgrade to Business Premium using the instructions on this page under Upgrade your org.

  2. Log in to the admin portal after completing the upgrade process and follow the instructions at Switch to a different Microsoft 365 for business plan

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