What to do before, during, and after hybrid meetings

Understand how to make the most of hybrid meetings by reviewing meeting basics on what to do before, during, and after hybrid meetings. Then, use the hybrid meeting checklist before your next meeting.

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  • Share the meeting agenda before the meeting

  • Invite external guests

  • Access previous meeting notes or recordings

  • Turn on video and use   Together mode

  • Share and collaborate on content in real time

  • Record the meeting

  • Keep meeting notes in one shared place

  • Act on follow up items

  • Share the meeting recording

Before: Successful meetings require preparation; sharing agendas and setting context before people gather. Every Teams meeting has its own conversation. Participants can chat with each other and share content prior to the meeting. That conversation and content can be brought directly into the meeting.

During: Once the meeting begins, people can use a variety of features that help focus attention, drive engagement, and foster inclusion. These include high-fidelity audio and video, live captions, screen sharing, real-time collaboration on documents including coauthoring with Office 365 apps, and a digital whiteboard. Teams meetings can remove distractions by suppressing background noise, and allow participants to blur or customize their video background.

After: After the meeting, all the meeting’s assets are preserved in the meeting conversation, so participants can review, continue the discussion, and drive the work forward. You can come back to the meeting to find the searchable recording, chat, meeting notesdigital whiteboard, and shared files.


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