Your intranet is now in Microsoft Teams

Your intranet is now in Microsoft Teams

Viva Connections brings your organization's internal resources into Microsoft Teams where it is easier to share, collaborate, and chat all in one place.  Discover and search relevant content, sites, and news from across your organization right from the Team’s app bar. Easily share and collaborate on shared content in Teams chat and channels.

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  • The SharePoint admin must enable this feature in Microsoft Teams.

  • You must be the site owner of the SharePoint home site to edit global navigation links.

  • Personalized content for followed sites and recommended news is driven by Microsoft Graph and cannot be customized.

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  1. Highlight specific resources: Viva Connections for Teams desktop uses the company-curated global navigation links along with personalized content like sites and news, which are powered by Microsoft Graph. Global navigation is set up in SharePoint and can be accessed by selecting the icon in Teams app bar.

  2. Navigate intranet resources in Teams: Navigate to all modern SharePoint pages and news within Teams without losing context. All files will open in the Teams file preview window.

  3. Search for intranet content in Teams: On the home page, you can search for intranet content in SharePoint by searching in the Teams search bar. Search results will be displayed on a SharePoint site in the browser. 

    image of a search in Teams

  4. Share content easily: Features in the SharePoint site header will dynamically display tools that help users collaboration depending on the type of content being viewed. Tasks such as sharing a link to a page in a Teams chat are much easier.                         

Access your organization’s intranet and personalized content

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  1. Select your organization’s global navigation icon to navigate to the home site and to search for SharePoint content in Teams.

  2. Select the icon while on the home site to browse intranet resources, followed sites, and recommended news.

  • Browse intranet resources

  • View followed sites

  • Catch up on recommended news

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