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Microsoft Copilot brings you the power of next-generation AI, by combining the power of large language models (LLMs), your data, and your Microsoft 365 apps.

We appreciate when you take time to provide us with feedback about using Copilot with Microsoft 365 apps so that we can continually improve Copilot.

What is Copilot feedback?

Feedback about Copilot is collected when you select thumbs-up or thumbs-down on a response from Copilot in Microsoft 365 apps. After you select one of the thumbs, the feedback pane appears and asks for more information—for what you liked (if you selected thumbs-up) or for what went wrong (if you selected thumbs-down). 

Note: If you're using Copilot at work or school, your IT admin can turn off feedback. If the thumbs options don't appear next to your Copilot responses, your IT admin most likely turned off feedback for your organization.

You can view your feedback in the Microsoft feedback portal. To view feedback you've submitted to us, select My Feedback and sign in. If you're using Copilot at work or school, your IT admin might not allow you to use the feedback portal.

How does Microsoft use the feedback data to improve Copilot? 

We use your feedback about using Copilot with Microsoft 365 apps only to improve Copilot. By providing feedback about your experience with Copilot, you enable us to make Copilot a better product for you and for everyone else using Copilot.

At Microsoft, we're guided by our Responsible AI principles. Data privacy and security is a key principle of responsible AI.

What data is collected with Copilot feedback?

Important: Until you select Submit in the feedback pane, no data is collected other than your initial thumbs-up or thumbs-down choice. All other data described in this section is sent only when you select Submit

Some basic information is collected with all Microsoft 365 feedback, whether or not the feedback is about Copilot.

We might also collect, if you agree to, the following data with feedback that is specific to your Copilot experience: 

  • Prompt: What you asked Copilot to do.

  • Generated response: What Copilot returned to you in response to your prompt.

  • Relevant content samples: Additional files that help us understand why Copilot gave you that generated response. Examples include the full history of your chat with Copilot, files that Copilot used to formulate the response (for example, the document you asked Copilot to summarize), and the actual query (which includes Microsoft proprietary content) that was sent to the LLM.

  • Additional log files: Log files that might include the content of your files or your name or email address, as this might be the only way to determine why Copilot gave you the response it did.

If possible, we show you links to this additional data in the feedback pane, so that you can preview the data before you select Submit.

Note: If you're using Copilot at work or school, your IT admin can control what types of data we can ask you for in feedback, including if we can ask for content samples. If you don't see the option to send or preview content samples, your IT admin might have turned off that option.

What data is collected with feedback from Microsoft Copilot with Graph-grounded chat?

When you allow relevant content samples to be collected for Microsoft Copilot with Graph-grounded chat (previously named Microsoft 365 Chat), the following data will be collected as part of feedback. This data collected with feedback from Microsoft Copilot with Graph-grounded chat can't be previewed.





The last prompt you entered before providing feedback on the response.

Find my document on my upcoming trip

Copilot response

The response from Copilot for which the thumbs-up or thumbs-down was selected.

I found a document titled "MyTrips”, it appears to be a doc that includes flights, hotels, and car rentals. Below is the trip schedule.

Query string

The actual query sent to the Microsoft search service. These are shown in the user experience when a query is running.

Document on my upcoming trip

Altered queries

Query string containing relevant keywords.

My document filetype:doc OR filetype:docx OR filetype:docm OR filetype:dotx


Description of the intent.

domains: files, score: 100, slots_keyword: “upcoming trip”

Relevance information

Information relating to feedback entities, including entity ID, rank, sorting criteria or source, or entity type.


Rank: 1
Sorting: Date/Time
Type: File

Who in my organization has access to view my Copilot feedback? 

If you're using Copilot at work or school, your IT admin can view your feedback, including your name and all content samples that are collected that don’t contain Microsoft proprietary content. Your IT admin can also delete feedback that you provided to us. 

How does Microsoft handle my feedback data? 

We understand that when you use our products, you're entrusting us with one of your most valuable assets: your data. We make sure the feedback we receive is stored and handled under Microsoft governance rules, and that it can only be accessed for approved uses. We don't use your email, chat, files, or other personal content to target ads to you. When we collect data, we use it to make your experiences better.

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