Use your voice to get around Windows Mixed Reality faster—take a quick photo, open an app, even teleport without a controller. And for an easy way to type, try dictation mode on the mixed reality keyboard. 

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  • When Speech is turned on, Windows Mixed Reality is always listening. When you’re connected to the Internet, we send everything you say to the cloud so Microsoft speech services can recognize even more of your commands.

  • Speech commands are not supported in all languages. Learn more

  • Bluetooth headsets and speakers are not supported in Windows Mixed Reality.

See it, say it

In the Windows Mixed Reality home, if you see a word, you can often use it as a speech command. For instance, just say the name of a button to select it. If you don’t see a name, point your motion controller at the button (or, if you’re using an Xbox gamepad, rest your gaze on it) to find out what to say. 

General speech commands

Use these throughout Windows Mixed Reality to get around faster. Some commands use the gaze cursor, which you’ll bring up by saying “select.”

To do this

Say this


Say “select” to bring up the gaze cursor. Then, turn your head to position the cursor on the thing you want to select, and say “select” again.

Open the Start menu

Go to Start

Leave an immersive app

Say "Go to Start" to bring up the quick actions menu, then say "Mixed reality home."

Turn on/off Flashlight

"Flashlight on" / "Flashlight off"


Turn your head toward the place you want to go, and then say “teleport.” (For more precise targeting, first say “select” to bring up the gaze cursor, then say “teleport.”)

Turn to the left or right

Turn left / turn right

Turn 180 degrees

Turn around

Move forward

Move forward / walk forward

Back up

Move back / walk back

Move to the left

Move left / walk left

Move to the right

Move right / walk right


3D object commands

Gaze at a 3D object, hologram, or app window to use these commands.

To do this

Say this

Make it bigger


Make it smaller


Turn it to face you

Face me

Get it ready to move—it’ll follow your gaze

Move this

Place it when you’re done moving it



App bar commands

Gaze at an app window or a 3D object to use these commands.

To do this

Say this

Close an apps or 3D object


Adjust something (resize or move)


Stop adjusting


Hide the app bar on a 3D object

Hide menu

Show the app bar on a 3D object

Show menu

Go back to the previous screen or page in an app that has a Go back button

Go back

Use your Xbox controller as a gamepad, rather than as a mixed reality controller, in the app you’re looking at

Use as gamepad

Use your Xbox controller as a mixed reality controller (when you’ve been using it as a gamepad)

Use with gaze

Start menu commands

Gaze at the Start menu to use these commands.

To do this

Say this

Go to the All Apps list

All apps

Move up or down on Start or All apps

Page up/down

Go back to Start menu from All apps

Go back

Take a photo


Take a video


Show the headset view in Mixed Reality Portal on your desktop


Open the volume control on Start

Change volume





Close the Start menu

Close or cancel

Hey Cortana commands

Say "Hey Cortana,” then use one of the following commands:

To do this

Say this

Find out what you can say to Cortana

What can I say?

Increase/decrease volume

Turn the volume up/down



Start an app

Launch <app name>

Open a website in Microsoft Edge

Open <website name> (for example, “open”)

Take a photo

Take picture

Start recording a video

Start recording

Stop recording a video

Stop recording

Show the time

What time is it?

Open the Start menu

Open Start menu

Set a timer

Set a timer

Set a reminder

Set a reminder


  • Cortana is not available in all regions and languages. Learn more.

  • If Cortana isn't responding to "Hey Cortana," select Settings  > Privacy  > Speech  and make Online speech recognition is turned on.

  • If you turn Cortana off, "Hey Cortana" voice commands won't be available, but you'll still be able to use other commands (like "select" and "teleport")


Keyboard dictation

Switch to dictation mode any time the keyboard is active for an easy way to type. Select microphone  on the keyboard—or just say “start dictating”—to get started.


The mixed reality keyboard is only available in English, but you can use dictation in any of the supported Windows Mixed Reality languages.

Keyboard dictation commands

To do this

Say this

Close the keyboard


Start dictation

Start dictating

Stop dictation

Stop dictating

Delete what you’ve just dictated

Delete that

Select everything in the dictation box

Select all


You’ll need to say the names of the punctuation you want to use. For instance, you might say "Hey comma what are you up to question mark."

Here are the punctuation keywords you can use:

  • Period, comma, question mark, exclamation point/exclamation mark

  • New line/new paragraph

  • Semicolon, colon

  • Open quote(s), close quote(s)

  • Hashtag, smiley/smiley face, frowny, winky

  • Dollar, percent

Sometimes it's helpful to spell out things like email addresses. For instance, to dictate, you'd say "E X A M P L E at outlook dot com."

To stop dictating, select Done.

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