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Chat with Copilot about your notes and research questions


  • This feature is available to customers with a Copilot for Microsoft 365 license or Copilot Pro license.

  • Currently, chatting with Copilot in OneNote only pulls information from your OneNote. Copilot in OneNote doesn't connect to other Microsoft 365 apps or data. Also, Microsoft Copilot in other apps doesn't pull information from OneNote at this time.

Lana is an event planner who specializes in large celebrations like weddings, graduations, and milestone birthdays. She’s meeting a potential client next week to discuss their dream wedding and review Lana’s portfolio. Lana hasn’t updated her portfolio in over two years, so she wants to pull together details of some of the recent weddings she’s planned.

Lana keeps records all her event plans in OneNote and has a notebook devoted to wedding plans. However, she has over sixty sections in her wedding notebook, each section representing a different wedding. Sorting through every section would take a long time, time she doesn't have.

Lana thinks Copilot in OneNote can help her by using the chat functionality to pull and recall details from past weddings.

To pull details from her OneNote section, Lana completes the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the section to pull wedding details from.

  2. On the Home ribbon, select Copilot.

    1. The Copilot pane opens on the right side of OneNote.

  3. In the Copilot compose box, enter “Which wedding did I plan that had the most guests?

  4. Select the Send arrow.

    1. Copilot generates a response and places it in the Copilot pane.

  5. Select the Copy button and paste it on a new OneNote page.

Lana chats back and forth with Copilot until she’s pulled persuasive details from her most successful and ambitious weddings. Lana used prompts like:

  • List all weddings that were destination weddings.

  • What issues are there with summer weddings?

  • Why did the Jones wedding have to be rescheduled?

  • What are the limitations to having a beach wedding?

She has many positive examples and tips to add to her portfolio, and she didn’t have to sort through hundreds of planning pages to get the details. She can now move on to converting the details into beautiful images for her portfolio book.

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