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You can use your work or school account with the web-based My Groups portal to view and manage groups you are in and groups you own, and join new groups. If you don’t have access to the My Groups portal, you must contact your Helpdesk for permission.

Important: This content is intended for My Groups portal users. If you're an administrator, you can find more information about how to manage who can create groups in My Groups Self-service group management documentation.

View your Groups information

  • Group members can view details or leave any group except for security groups.

  • Group owners can view details, create a new group, add, remove members, delete your group or renew expiring groups.

To view your groups information 

  1. Sign in to the My Groups portal with your work account.

  2. Based on your permissions, you can use the My Groups page to review and manage your existing groups and create new groups

Create a new group

  1. On the Groups page, select Create a group. The Create group box appears Create group page

  2. Enter the required information:

    • Group type:

      • Microsoft 365. Provides collaboration opportunities by giving members access to a shared mailbox, calendar, files, SharePoint site, and more. This option also lets you give people outside of your organization access to the group.

      • Security. Used to manage member and computer access to shared resources for a group of users. For example, you can create a security group for a specific security policy. By doing it this way, you can give a set of permissions to all the members at once, instead of having to add permissions to each member individually.

    • Group name. Add a name for the group, something that you'll remember and that makes sense.

    • Group description (optional). Add an optional description to your group.

    • Group policy. Choose to allow everyone to join the group, require owner approval, or to only allow the owner of the group to add members.

  3. Select Create. The new group is created with you as the owner and a member. Your newly created group is added to the list of Groups I own. Because you're a member, this group also appears in the Groups I'm in list.

Edit an existing group

After you create a group, you can edit its details, including updating most of the existing information with the exception of Group Type. 

  1. Select the group you want to edit from the Groups page, and then select Edit details on the <group_name> page. The Edit details box appears and you can update the information you added when you initially created the group.

  2. Make all of your changes, and then select Update.

Add or remove a member

You can add or remove members for any groups that you own with the exception of dynamic groups or groups synced from Exchange or on-prem. 

  1. Select the group you want to add members to, and then select + on the <group_name> page.
    Image showing how to add a member to a group

  2. Search for the member you want to add, from the Add members box, and then select Add. An invitation is sent to the new member, to get started accessing the organization's apps.
    Image showing how to add a user to a group

  3. If you added a member by mistake, or if a member has left your organization, you can remove the member by selecting Remove member next to the member's name on the <group_name> page.

Renew a Microsoft 365 group

If your organization allows it, you can renew a Microsoft 365 group, extending your expiration date.

  1. Select the Microsoft 365 group you want to renew, and then select Renew group.
    image showing how to renew a group

  2. Click OK to close the confirmation message. After you refresh the page, you'll see your updated Last Renewed and Group expiration dates.

Delete a group

You can delete any of your own groups at any time. However, if you delete a group by mistake you'll have to create it and add members again.

  1. Select the group you want to permanently delete, and then select Delete group on the <group_name> page.
    Image showing how to delete a group

  2. Select Yes on the confirmation message. The group is permanently deleted.

Join an existing group

You can join or leave an already existing group from the Groups page.

  1. On the Groups page, select Join group from the Groups I'm in area. The Join groups page appears.
    Image showing how to join a group

  2. On the Join groups page, select the name of the group you want to join, view the associated group details, and then if the group is available, select Join group. If the group requires the group owner to approve membership, you'll be asked to enter a business justification for why you need to join the group, and then select Request. If the group doesn't require approval, you're immediately added as a member and the group appears in your Groups I'm in list.

  3. If you joined a group by mistake or if you no longer need to be part of it, you can select the group name from the Join groups page, and then select Leave group.
    Image showing how to leave a group

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