Forward calls between your SIMs

If you have a Dual SIM phone, forward your calls between your SIMs using Smart Dual SIM – when someone calls you on one SIM while you’re having a call on the other, you can manage your calls from both SIMs just like with only one SIM.

You must have both SIMs inserted to access the dual SIM call settings.

For availability of this service, contact your network service provider.

  1. Go to settings > network+‎.
  2. Tap set.
  3. To select how to forward calls between your SIMs, change the setting for Smart Dual SIM.
  4. Type in the phone numbers for your SIMs, and tap submit.
  5. Tap additional Dual SIM settings to access the rest of the network settings, such as Data connection.
Tip: You can pin the dual SIM call settings to the start screen for easy access.

Article ID: 11647 - Last Review: 17 May 2016 - Revision: 9

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