Microsoft Teams panels are the colorful touchscreen devices you'll see mounted outside of meeting rooms. From afar they provide at-a-glance room availability info, and up close you'll find details on the current meeting and a list of those to come.

Find your meeting

If you’re on your way to a scheduled meeting, the Teams panel will let you know if you’re in the right place. The current meeting’s name, time, and organizer appear in a purple rectangle on the right.

Room is currently booked

If you're a bit early, just check the scrollable list below the rectangle for the upcoming meetings.

Find a free room

And if you’re looking for a spot for an ad hoc meeting, the panel will tell you if the space is available now. A green rectangle means the space is free.

Room is availalee

To claim the available space for your meeting, tap Reserve, select an end time, and tap Reserve.

Reserve room for ad-hoc meeting

Accessibility and other options

To report an issue with the device, tap Settings  Settings icon  in the lower right corner of the panel.

Location of Settings icon

To set accessibility options or reboot the panel, tap Device settings  Device settings icon  on the Settings screen.

Device settings

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Microsoft Teams panels

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