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Insert a linked Excel chart in PowerPoint

In PowerPoint, you can embed tables and worksheets from Excel in your presentation slides.

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  1. In Excel, click and drag to highlight the cells you want to copy.

  2. Right-click the copied cells and select Copy.

  3. In your PowerPoint presentation, right-click and select the Paste Options you want:

    • Use Destination Styles: Choose to edit your copied cells like a PowerPoint table, but with the PowerPoint color scheme and fonts.

    • Keep Source Formatting: Choose to keep your table editable in PowerPoint while maintaining the same source formatting from Excel.

    • Embed: Choose to keep a copy of your table in PowerPoint in case you want to edit the data, which will open in Excel.

      Note:  If you're working with a large Excel file, it'll inflate your PowerPoint presentation to a big size. You may also unintentionally be giving more access to your Excel file than you intend to.

    • Picture: Choose to paste your table as a picture to get the same benefits as embedding except you can format your cells like a picture and add effects to it. You won’t be able to edit data once it’s been pasted though.

    • Keep Text Only: Choose to paste your table as straight text and to do all formatting in PowerPoint.

  4. If you pasted as a picture, on the Picture Tools Format tab, select the quick picture style you want to use. Adjust the table to your liking.

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