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Create a Viva Amplify campaign that provides one central place for you and your campaign members to plan and build engaging content, work on campaign initiatives, and collaborate from anywhere. A campaign provides a campaign brief template to help you plan your campaign with the following tools: 

  • Objectives and key messages

  • A group of related Amplify publications with out-of-the-box templates

  • Universal publishing capabilities across multiple channels

  • Resource (Quick) links

  • A default document library to store your campaign assets

  • A collaborative inbox for your campaign members through Microsoft 365 groups

  • Reporting insights to measure your campaign performance

  • And more

What is a Viva Amplify campaign?

A Viva Amplify campaign is a series of planned and orchestrated publications centered around a common goal and intended to drive action, generate awareness, and cultivate employee engagement.  Campaigns are created to reach a variety of audiences through a variety of communication channels including SharePoint, Outlook, and Teams. In the future, you'll be able to use campaigns with Viva Engage, videos, and more.  


Benefits & Enrollment campaign 

Product launch campaign 

Philanthropy campaign 

When should I create a Viva Amplify Campaign? 

Use a Viva Amplify Campaign when you want to promote an event, a new product launch, build change management communications for your organization, or when you need a seamless way to manage all of the communications and status updates relating to a goal, project, or event. A well-planned campaign can generate awareness around a particular topic and increase engagement to spark new interest within your organization.

Before you begin

To enjoy the full Viva Amplify experience, your admin will need to deploy Viva Amplify for your organization. To create a Viva Amplify campaign, you'll need to have Campaigns permissions.


  • Ensure Microsoft 365 group creation has been enabled for you. You can connect with your admin to check if you have the necessary permissions. Learn more about Microsoft 365 group creation permissions.

  • Campaigns are stored in OneDrive for Business. If you don't have OneDrive for Business set up, contact your admin.

Create a Microsoft Viva Amplify Campaign

  1. Sign in to Microsoft 365 and navigate to Viva Amplify.

  2. At the top of the Viva Amplify home, select +Create Campaign.

    Note: If you don't see the +Create Campaign button, your admin has restricted access to who can create campaigns. You can contact your admin if you need permission to create a campaign.

  3. In the new screen that appears, select Create a campaign.
    Screenshot of the new campaign screen with the Create a campaign button selected.

  4. Give your campaign a unique name. A Microsoft 365 group email will be automatically generated with the same name as your campaign.


    • If Microsoft 365 groups are disabled in SharePoint, the Email address field won't appear.

    • Your organization may have naming rules for Microsoft 365 groups and campaign sites. If you're having trouble creating campaigns due a blocked word or missing word, you'll need to get information on naming requirements from your admin. Learn more about naming convention policies.

  5. In the campaign description field, describe the purpose of your campaign. Include information that may be helpful for campaign members or that helps to differentiate your campaign from others.

  6. Choose the thumbnail color you'd like to use to visually identify your campaign and distinguish it from others in the campaign list.
    Screenshot of the settings pane where you select the name, description, language, and thumbnail color.

Note: Note: Privacy settings and the campaign classification can't be edited when the campaign is being created. You can’t change the privacy settings. However, after the campaign creation process, if enabled by your admin, you can choose a campaign classification in the campaign settings section of the campaign landing page. The options listed can pertain to sensitive information or to the lifecycle of information on your campaign. Learn about sensitivity labels - Microsoft Purview (compliance) | Microsoft Learn 

Add members to your campaign

Consider inviting others to help build your campaign. Campaign members can help create content and can publish to a campaign or approve what’s being published to a campaign. Campaign members have varying levels of permissions based on their assigned role, allowing you to customize member involvement and contribution. 

Member roles

Campaign role




Manage campaign members


Oversees and manages the entire campaign

Users have full control of the campaign

full control

Can manage all campaign members and update all roles


Users that can approve campaign publications

Edit and approve Amplify content, list items, and documents

Contribute permissions, Manage lists, Override list behavior, Approve items

Can manage other approvers as needed


Users that create and manage campaign publications

Manage lists and edit campaign

Contribute permissions, Manage lists

Can view campaign members

Learn more about User permissions and permission levels in SharePoint Server

  1. Add and invite campaign members to your campaign by adding the names or email addresses of those you'd like to invite and selecting Add to list.

  2. You can update campaign member roles by selecting the dropdown next to a person's role and choosing from the list of roles available.

    Note: When you’re creating a campaign, you become the owner of the campaign by default, and this can't be changed during the campaign creation process. However, once you have created the campaign successfully, you will be able to update your own role according to your needs.

    Tip: Campaign members are collaborators who help you build the campaign, author and distribute content across channels, and manage campaign assets. Campaign members are not audiences. Learn more about publishing and adding audiences to your distribution channels.

  3. Screenshot of the pane to add members.

  4. Once you've added all of your campaign members to the list, select Create campaign. Once your campaign has been created, it will appear in the Viva Amplify list of campaigns. You'll receive an email linking you to your new campaign.

Campaign status

You can check the status of your campaign to help you determine what stage your campaign lands in the campaign lifecycle.

Campaign Status



This campaign is being worked on. It hasn't been launched yet and isn't live. When you first create a campaign, it has Draft status.


The campaign is active and at least one publication has been successfully published to the chosen audience.

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