What do the icons on my phone mean?

The top of the screen on your Windows Phone instantly provides you with information about network connectivity, signal strength, battery power, the time, and much more.

The following picture shows the icons you'll see most often on the status bar.

Icons on Windows Phone 8.1 status bar

Cellular signal strength

Signal Full Icon

Very strong signal

Signal High

Strong signal

Signal Medium Icon

Medium signal

Signal Low Icon

Weak signal

Signal Very Low Icon

Very weak signal

No Signal Icon

Extremely weak signal

No Data Icon

No signal because your phone isn't connected to a cellular network.

Airplane Mode Icon

Your phone is in Airplane mode. Cellular, Wi-Fi, FM radio, Bluetooth, and NFC sharing are all turned off simultaneously when you turn on Airplane mode. (You can still turn on Wi-Fi, FM radio, Bluetooth, and NFC sharing separately.)

Sim Missing Icon

SIM card is missing.

Sim Locked Icon

SIM card is locked. For more info, see Use a PIN to lock my SIM card.

Cellular data connection



Edge Icon


3G Icon


4g Icon


LTE Icon


Hplus Icon




1X Icon


DO Icon


DV Icon


Call forwarding

The Call forwarding (

Call Forward Icon
) icon appears when call forwarding is turned on.

Quiet hours

The Quiet hours (

Quiet Hours Icon
) icon appears when Quiet hours is turned on in Cortana's settings.


The Roaming (

Roaming Icon
) icon lets you know that your phone is roaming and isn't in your home cellular network.

Wi-Fi connection

WiFi Signal Full Icon

Connected to a Wi-Fi network with full signal strength.              

Wifi Signal High Icon

Connected to a Wi-Fi network; strong signal.

WiFi Signal Medium Icon

Connected to a Wi-Fi network; medium signal.

WiFi Signal Low Icon

Connected to a Wi-Fi network; weak signal.

Internet Sharing Icon

Cellular data connection is shared with other devices over Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi Signal Used Icon

Wi-Fi connection is being used to transfer data. Depending on your mobile operator, you might not see this icon when a Wi-Fi connection is being used to transfer data. This icon only appears on phones that have Windows Phone software version 8.0.10501.127 or later.              


The Bluetooth (

Bluetooth Icon
) icon appears when your phone is connected to a Bluetooth device.


The Notifications (

Notifications Icon
) icon appears when you have new notifications available.

Driving Mode

The Driving Mode (

Driving Mode Icon
) icon appears when Driving Mode is turned on.

To use Driving Mode, your phone needs to have Windows Phone software version 8.0.10501.127 or later.


Vibrate Icon

Ringer is off, and vibrate is on.

Silent Mode Icon

Ringer is off, and vibrate is off.


The Location (

Location Icon
) icon appears when an app is accessing your phone's current location information.


Battery Charging Icon

Battery is charging.

Plugged In Icon

Phone is plugged in and battery is fully charged.

Battery Full Icon

Full battery power

Battery High Icon

High battery power

Battery Medium Icon

Medium battery power

Battery Low Icon

Low battery power

Battery Critically Low Icon

Critically low battery power; battery needs to be charged.

Battery Unknown Icon

Battery power or state of the battery isn't currently known.

Battery Saver Icon

Battery Saver is on.

Virtual private networking (VPN)

The VPN (

VPN Cellular Icon
VPN WiFi Icon
) icons appear when you establish a connection with your company's network.


The clock displays the current time.


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