Windows OOBE fails when you start a new Windows-based computer for the first time

Applies to: Windows 10, version 1903, all editionsWindows 10, version 1809, all editionsWindows 10


When you start a new Windows-based computer for the first time, the Windows Out-Of-Box Experience (OOBE) process guides you through various setup operations. In rare cases, you may encounter one of the following issues during OOBE.

Issue 1

Windows OOBE displays the following error message:

Something went wrong – But you can try again.

Issue 2

Windows OOBE does not transition to the next page, and you receive a “Just a moment…” prompt for an extended time.


This issue occurs because the specific timing of the OOBE process causes a deadlock situation. This issue does not involve hardware, and you can easily fix it.


For Issue 1 (“Something went wrong – But you can try again”), click Try again at the bottom of the screen. The OOBE process should continue as expected.

For Issue 2 (“Just a moment…”), press and hold the power button until the system turns off, and then turn on the system again. The OOBE process should resume and complete as expected.

More information

Microsoft is continually improving the resiliency of the Windows Out-Of-Box-Experience through ongoing updates. The chances of these issues occurring should decrease over time as Microsoft identifies and resolves specific timing issues.