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Helping users safely navigate web, app, and game content is one of Microsoft’s top priorities. If you live in a region that requires permission to create an account and access Microsoft services, you may be prompted to request or give parental consent.

The birthdate on your account indicates that you're underage. Use our interactive tool to help guide you to the right steps to correct it.


There is an update to China’s PIPL policy that requires Microsoft to ask for consent again. 

Learn more about how to provide additional consent.

If they have requested your consent, click the link in your email request, sign into your Microsoft account and approve.  

If you cannot access your account, the child may lose access to their account. You should attempt to recover the adult account here.


  • For customers in South Korea, use I-PIN to provide parental consent or verify your age.

  • Once you’ve confirmed that you’re an adult, you can use your Microsoft account to approve additional family member accounts with no extra steps.

If a parent/guardian removes consent and the child account is removed from a Family Group the child account should automatically prompt for consent the next time you sign in.

If that does not happen, click below to sign in and repeat the consent request.

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You only have permission to remove consent for a child account if you originally granted consent.

Manage permissions

Tip: If you don't see expected child accounts, consent was either granted by another adult, or by using another Microsoft account. If the adult cannot access their account, the adult or appropriate guardian should attempt to recover the adult account.

Even if you are a family organiser, you can only manage consent if you originally granted consent.

Reasons for missing child accounts:

  • Consent has not yet been given.

  • Consent was either granted by another adult.

  • Consent was given using another Microsoft account.

Tip: If the adult cannot access their account, the adult or appropriate guardian should attempt to recover the adult account.

If a person is under statutory age in your region, they will be prompted during registration to request consent by entering an adult’s email.


  • In addition to complying with regional regulations, we strive to protect users through our Family Safety features. Web, search, app, and game filters can be established to maximize security and safety online. 

  • International regulations that require adult consent:
    - Child Online Privacy Protection Act (USA)
    - General Data Protection Regulation (EU)
    - Personal Information Protection Act (S. Korea)
    - General Personal Data Protection Act (Brazil)
    - Personal Information Protection Law of the People's Republic of China

Learn more

Adding members to your family group

Visit to manage family members’ Microsoft accounts and learn more about Family Safety features.

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