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Change line spacing

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Change the line spacing in your document to make it look how you want.

Change line spacing for the entire document

  1. Select Design > Paragraph Spacing.

  2. Under Built-In, hover the cursor over each spacing option to see how the line spacing changes.

  3. Select the option you want.

    Note: If you want to single space your document, select No Paragraph Space.

Change line spacing for select parts of your document

  1. Select the paragraphs you want to change.

  2. Select Home > Line and Paragraph Spacing.

  3. Select the amount of line spacing you want.

    Or, select Line Spacing Options.

  4. In the Paragraph dialog box under Spacing, select the options you want, including the spacing Before or After each paragraph.

    Note: If you want your custom line spacing to be the default spacing for all new documents, select Set As Default and then select All documents based on the Normal template and finish by selecting OK.

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