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Share and collaborate
Share and collaborate


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With Microsoft 365, share your document and quickly collaborate with others no matter where you are.

Share your document

  1. Select Share.

  2. Type a name or email and select Send. Or choose Copy Link and send it however you want, like in a chat or email.


  • Work together at the same time on the desktop or on the web.

  • Colorful bubbles with names or initials indicate where someone is working in the document.

  • See changes in real-time as they're being made.

Use comments, @mention, assign Tasks, add Follow-ups, and Reviewing mode

  • Choose content to comment on. Select Review > New Comment to add a comment.

    Or right-click and select New Comment.

  • In a comment, @mention someone to get their attention at the exact spot you want. If you @mention someone, you can also choose to assign them a task.

  • Right-click anywhere in the document and select New Follow-up to add a note or reminder while you're in the flow.

  • Turn on Reviewing mode so everyone sees the changes you make, and the document owner can accept or reject the changes.

Get caught up

After others have made updates to the document:

  • Check activity to see who the changes were made by.

  • Blue dots in the document show where someone made changes or added new content.

  • Right-click any changes to Accept or Reject it.

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