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Set up Lync for you and the way you work.

Note: Administrators, skip to the end of this topic for information about configuring Lync Online for your workplace. Everyone else, this topic is for you; keep reading.

Step 1: Set Lync Options

The Lync - Options window should be your first stop when getting started with Lync. It’s where you customize Lync for your use. Use it to set up audio and video devices and to change things, like your picture and phone numbers that display with your contact information, how and when you’re alerted to new instant messages, how messages display (with or without emoticons, for example), and your status settings.

  1. Open Lync.

  2. In the Lync main window, in the upper-right corner, click the Options Lync Options button icon.

  3. In Lync - Options, use the options in the left pane to open the appropriate page. The following table can help you locate the Options page you need for the most common setup tasks. (Be aware, though, the table isn’t comprehensive. We recommend you skim the options on all Lync - Options pages when setting up).

    Important: If an option or page is unavailable, it’s likely been disabled for your workplace or account. Contact your workplace technical support for help.


In Lync - Options, click

For more information, see the Help button and/or Learn More link on the Options page and

Change your instant messaging (IM) font


Use Lync IM

Save conversations or stop saving them


Find a previous Lync conversation

Hide or show pictures in your Contacts list


Change how your contacts are displayed

Change how long Lync waits before changing your status to Away


Change your presence status

Change your picture

My Picture

Change your picture

Add a new phone number to your contact information


Control access to your presence information (to learn which contacts see which numbers)

Set up your option for Lync Meeting audio


Set up Lync Meeting audio options

Turn on or off sound alerts for new instant messages and/or when your status is Busy or Do Not Disturb

Ringtones and Sounds

Change your Lync alerts

Set up an audio device

Audio Device

Set up, test, and troubleshoot Lync audio

Set up a camera

Video Device

FAQ about audio and video

Step 2: Set up your Contacts list

Add the people you communicate with most to your Contacts list, so you can communicate with them quickly and easily. To add a contact, in the Lync main window, type the person’s name in the search box, click the listing when it appears, and then click More Options > Add to Contacts List and a group to add the contact to. For more details, including alternate methods for adding contacts and troubleshooting tips, see Add a contact in Lync.

Tip: You can change the way your Contacts list is sorted. For details, see Change how your contacts are displayed in Lync.

Next steps

After you get set up, download and print guides to keep desk-side, and/or review these Help topics to learn how to do key tasks in Lync:

Administrator set-up topics

For information about setting up and configuring Lync Online for your company, see how to Set up Skype for Business Online.

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