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Create polls, praise, announcements, and questions in Yammer

Note: This topic applies to new Yammer only.

Creating a poll, praising a coworker, making an announcement, or asking a question are all great ways for you to interact with people in your Yammer network.

Create a poll

Use polls to create a quick survey and get answers fast.

  1. Select Poll.

  2. Type your question and options for answers.

  3. Add who you want the poll to go to.

  4. Select Post.

Working with polls in Yammer

Praise someone

Praise someone in your network who shared something helpful or to celebrate a success.

  1. Select Praise.

  2. Enter who you want to praise.

  3. Select a praise image.

  4. Type what you’re praising them for.

  5. Add who to notify, such as their manager.

  6. Select Post.

Work with praise messages in Yammer

Make an announcement

If you’re a community administrator, you can also make announcements to share need-to-know information with the entire community. When you make an announcement in a community, members who have opted in to receive email notifications from Yammer will be notified by email for this announcement. If you want to notify all members by email, even those who have not opted in to receive email notifications from Yammer, you can choose to create an essential announcement as described below.

  1. Type the information you want for an announcement.

    You can also attach a file, Notify specific people, or Add topics if you like.

    To add a GIF, select Add a GIF, and search for and select the one you want.

  2. Select the Announcement button.


    • If you believe your announcement is essential for members to receive in an email notification, even for those members who have their email notifications from Yammer turned off, you can select the Notify members by email box under Change Notification Settings.

    • This option will ensure that all members will be notified by email even those members who have not opted in to receive email notifications from Yammer. Admins must use new Yammer to change announcement delivery options, although users on both new and classic Yammer will receive them.

    Screenshot showing how to designate an announcement as essential

    Note: By default, Notify members by email option is always off, and only those users will be notified by email who have opted in to receive email notifications from Yammer. This email is sent as soon as you select Post and cannot be undone. Editing the announcement or changing announcement delivery options after it’s posted does not generate another email notification for members. When you select Notify members by email, the email delivered to members comes from your email address. Community members can also reply to you directly by using email.

  3. When you’re done, select Post.

Everyone in the community receives a notification in their Yammer inbox and an email if they have opted in to receive email notifications from Yammer. If you chose to make an essential announcement, all members will be notified by email, even if its outside of their preferred email notification settings.

Work with announcements in Yammer

Ask a Question

Use Questions to raise visibility and get answers.

  1. Select Question.

  2. Type your question and options for answers.

  3. Select Post.

  4. Add who you want the poll to go to.

Best answer to a Yammer question

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Why are Korean characters sometimes lost from the message post? 

A: This is an issue with our current publishing canvas which we are actively working to resolve as part of a larger update. The update is tentatively planned for availability in the second quarter of 2023.

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