Roll out a successful Yammer network

Drive ongoing engagement

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Once a group is up and running, keep the momentum going.

Here are a few recommendations for Group Owners:

  • Welcome and encourage new members to introduce themselves.

  • Ask questions.

  • Tag an expert to draw their opinion or insight into a conversation.

  • Share relevant conversations in the network with the group.

  • Post weekly roundups or related content to the group.

  • Praise group members for things you'd like to see other group members do.

  • Make sure all of your group posts are answered. @mention someone if a question comes up you're not sure how to answer.

  • Add relevant content – upload files and notes to add context to conversations.

  • Use Announcements for important updates that need to reach the entire group.

  • Connect with others launching Yammer and grow your network of community managers through the Microsoft Tech Community.

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