Keyboard shortcuts for Office Delve

Press Ctrl+F6 to move from one region to another. Press Tab or use the arrow keys to move between areas or items within a region. Press Enter to select the highlighted item or option.

Use these keyboard shortcuts

To do this


Move from one region to another. For example, go from the search box to the left navigation pane, and from the left navigation pane to the first content card in the view.


Move to the previous region.


Move to the next area or item in a region. For example, go to the next view or person in the left navigation pane, go from one content card to the next, or from one area on a content card to the next.


Move to the previous area or item.


Select the highlighted area or item. For example, when you have highlighted a view or a person in the left navigation pane, press Enter to open that view or that person's page. If you have highlighted the title area of a content card, press Enter to open the document.


Open the contextual menu on a highlighted content card, where you'll find the Who can see this? option. This is the same as right-clicking a card.


Undo an action. For example, close the contextual menu, remove the highlighting from an area of the content card, or exit a card to resume navigation between cards.

Down Arrow

Move down in a list, or scroll down in a window. For example, move down in the list of search suggestions.

Up Arrow

Move up in a list, or scroll up in a window.

When you're in the content area of a Delve view, you can also use the Up Arrow, Down Arrow, Page Up, Page Down, Home, and End keys to scroll the content of the page.

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