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Use Planner
Use Planner

Manage your tasks

Manage your tasks in Microsoft Planner
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There are many ways to view and update your tasks in Microsoft Planner.

Filter your tasks

  1. Select Filter.

  2. Enter a key word or select a Due date, Label, Bucket, or Assignment.

    To clear a filter, select Clear.

Use Group by

  1. Select Group by.

  2. Select an option: Bucket, Assigned to, Progress, Due date, or Labels.

Change task details

  • Drag a task from one column to another to change the label, for example from Technical to General.

  • To complete a task, select the checkmark on the task card.

Select Charts to check status

Select Charts to see the:

  • Status - status of tasks.

  • Bucket - progress of tasks in each bucket.

  • Members - availability of team members.

  • Select Add Task.

Select Schedule to see where your tasks are on a calendar

  • Select Schedule.

See all tasks assigned to you

  • In Planner - select My tasks in the left pane.

  • In Microsoft To-Do - turn on Assigned to me to see your Planner tasks.

Create another plan with the same buckets and tasks

  • Select the three dots ...

  • Select Copy plan.

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Set and update task progress

View plan and get updates in Planner

See Planner tasks in Microsoft To-Do

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