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Use the Yammer Communities app for Microsoft Teams

Yammer communities are now available in Microsoft Teams via the Communities app.

Yammer communities enable you to share knowledge and build relationships across your organization. You can pin the Communities app to the left side of Teams, enabling you to engage with leaders, watch live events, ask questions, get answers, and stay up-to-date with news and announcements from within Teams. It’s Yammer—in Teams.

Screenshot showing the full view of the Yammer Communities app in Teams

What’s different about this experience?

The Communities app brings your Yammer communities to Teams.

The app includes:

  • The ability to pin it to Teams.

  • Yammer announcements and @mentions in your Teams Activity feed.

  • A channel tab that lets you add a Yammer community or topic to a Teams channel. For more information, see Add a Yammer page to a Teams channel.

  • The option to add a rich preview when you copy a Yammer conversation link into a Teams chat or channel.

  • An Office connector in a team.

The rich experiences in the app and channel tabs bring most of the Yammer communities experience into Teams. You can learn more about the new Yammer in the Yammer Blog

The Yammer communities experience can also be integrated as a tab in your Teams channels. For more information, see Add a Yammer page to a channel in Teams.

Install the Communities app for Teams

  1. Open Teams on the web or in a desktop client.

  2. Go to the left side of Teams and select Apps .

  3. Search for Communities.

  4. Select the Communities app, and then select Add. This will add the app to all your Teams clients, including mobile. Or, select Communitiesto find and add the Communities app.

Note: If you don't see Communities in the available apps, check with your Teams admin. They might have renamed the app.

Installing the Yammer Communities app in Microsoft Teams

Install the Communities app for Teams for your organization

Admins can choose to deploy and pin the app for all users or for particular departments through custom policies.

Pin the Communities app to the app bar of Teams

On the web and in a desktop client

  1. Select More More options button on the left side of Teams.

  2. Right-click any app icon and select Pin Pin to make that app always visible.

Pin an app to the left of Teams

Tip: You can arrange the icons on the left by dragging and dropping them. For more information about pinning and unpinning apps in Teams, see Pin an app for easy access.

On the iOS and Android mobile platforms

Using the Conversations app for Teams on Yammer mobile

  1. Select More More options button at the bottom of Teams—this is where you’ll find all your apps.

  2. Select Reorder and drag and drop the app so it is no longer in the More section.

  3. Select Done to save your changes.


With the Communities app, you'll also get notifications in your Teams activity for @mentions sent to you and announcements from Yammer communities that you've joined in your home network. Learn how to configure your Teams notification settings.

Note: The senders of the notifications must have a Microsoft 365 identity associated with them in your home network.

Add a rich preview to Yammer links

Coming soon: When you paste a link to a Yammer conversation from a public community into a Teams chat or channel message, a short preview is shown, similar to the following image. If you don't want the preview to be attached to your message, select X to remove it.

Rich preview of a Yammer link

Note: Only links from the new Yammer are supported. They will begin with

Customize the Communities app

Coming soon: Your Teams admin can also customize the following properties for the Communities app in Teams in your organization.

  • App name

  • App description

  • App icons

  • Accent color

Customizing the Communities app is perfect for companies that have given their Yammer network custom branding to fit their corporate identity. You can learn more in Customize apps in Microsoft Teams.

Note: Currently, this won't affect the Communities app branding shown in the app within Teams.


Q: Is any functionality missing from the Communities app for Teams?

A: Not all communities features from Yammer are available in the Communities app. More functionality will be added in the future, such as the ability to select skin tones for diverse reactions.

In Teams for iOS and Android, the following features are coming soon:

  • Editing and discovering communities.

  • Community files view.

  • On iOS, viewing live events directly within the app.

Q: I'm not using the new Yammer web experience. Will this impact how I can use the Communities app for Teams?

A: No, not at all. The Communities app always uses the new Yammer.

Q: Can I rename the Communities app?

A: Yes! If you're a Teams admin, you can use the Teams admin center to rename the app from Communities to whatever you prefer. This will be the app name for all users in your network and is how the app will be listed in the apps store.

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