Play video and audio files backed by OneDrive for Business or SharePoint across Microsoft 365 with just one web player. 

The web player supports a range of file types you can consume in OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online sites, Stream, and Yammer communities.

Note: The player detailed below is in the process of rolling out across Microsoft 365. Your experience may vary slightly until the rollout is complete. 

Video player with controls

Consume video and audio your way with customizable features

Sometimes you need to get straight to the section of video most relevant to you. Other times, you want an immersive experience. The web player on SharePoint and OneDrive for Business delivers with a host of features that let you customize playback. 

Playback speed for Teams meeting recordings

For TMRs saved to OneDrive and SharePoint, you can change the playback speed to 2x, 1.8x, 1.5x, 1.2x, 1x, and 0.5x.

Skip forward or backward by 10 seconds 

Missed a beat or want to jump ahead? You can skip forward or backward in your video or audio by 10 seconds.

Popout button 

Enjoy a more immersive playback experience by opening an embedded video or audio in a new browser tab with the Popout button. This lets you play in-app video and audio with a full-screen experience.


Find the most relevant content and jump to it quickly with Transcripts. Transcripts are currently available for Teams meeting recordings when Teams Live Transcript is also enabled.  
To turn Transcripts on/off, toggle the transcript button in the upper right side of the video.

Closed captions

Make Teams meeting recordings more inclusive for all viewers with closed captions. Closed captions are available for TMRs that had transcription enabled during the meeting. To turn closed captions on/off, toggle the CC button. 

You can customize the captions display by clicking Playback settings > Caption/Subtitles settings > Text size, color, etc. Your customizations will last for a browser session. 

Disable closed captions   

If you have edit permissions to a TMR with captions, you may disable captions for viewers by opening the upper-right information panel in OneDrive:  Hide captions.

As an owner, you can hide the transcript; however, it'll still be available on Teams unless you delete it from there.

Keyboard shortcuts and accessibility

The following keyboard commands are available during playback.

Important: Most of these shortcuts require keyboard focus on the main player control and will not work when you tab into sub controls such as play/pause.


Keyboard shortcuts

Requires keyboard focus on main player control?

Play or pause the audio or video

alt + k


Enter or exit full screen mode

Note: Full screen mode isn't supported in some versions of IE11.

Alt + Enter


Open in browser

Alt + o


Mute or unmute the sound

Alt + m


Toggle captions on/off

Alt + c


Increase playback speed

Alt + >


Decrease playback speed

Alt + <


Skip 10 seconds forward

Alt + l


Skip 10 seconds backward

Alt + j


Increase volume

Up arrow key


Decrease volume

Down arrow key


Seek forward 15 seconds

Right arrow key


Seek backward 15 seconds

Left arrow key


Seek forward to a certain percentage of the audio or video

0 to seek to the beginning,
1 to seek to 10%,
2 to seek to 20%,
3 to seek to 30%,
4 to seek to 40%,
5 to seek to 50%,
6 to seek to 60%,
7 to seek to 70%,
8 to seek to 80%,
9 to seek to 90%


Close open popups (like Playback Speed menu)



Report an issue

To report a technical issue to Microsoft, click Playback settings Report an issue. Our team appreciates your feedback as we continue to improve the Microsoft 365 playback experience.

If there's a concern involving the content you've viewed, reach out directly to the video owner or your company's IT admin.

Microsoft respects the intellectual property rights of others. To report infringement, navigate to Playback settings Report an issue Report infringement at the bottom of the page.

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