Listen to radio and podcasts with Cortana - Cortana Help

Listen to a podcast: Play Radiolab ; Play a science podcast; Play a comedy podcast; Read me the top news from CNN; Control when you listen: Pause podcast; Resume podcast; PC. To listen to a radio station, you’ll need to download the TuneIn Radio app or iHeartRadio app: Navigate to TuneIn Radio or iHeartRadio in the Microsoft Store. Select Get the app to download it. Speaker. TuneIn Radio and ...

Podcasts - Microsoft Community

Is there a platform like or similar to (the now defunct) iTunes for searching, picking and downloading podcasts? I particularly like shopping for podcast titles and subjects as one could do in iTunes, as well as having an mp3 file to listen to on my laptop, or transferring to a portable player.. Is there a platform like or similar?
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Podcasts won't play anymore - Microsoft Community

Podcasts will not play anymore. Since nothing worked i downloaded another podcast app and it works! Cannot delete the original one so just do not use it..went to store
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How are podcasts supported and synced with Phone 8 ...

This applies to phone 8 and windows 8. I want to subscribe to podcasts on Windows 8, then sync with the phone 8. I do this now from Windows 7 / Phone 7. It works great. How is this accomplished on
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[Rode Podcaster USB Microphone] Cannot get Audio Mic to ...

Windows 10 recognizes the device as a plain "USB Audio Device" for both Playback and Recording. Cannot get the mic to record with any app including Audacity. Anyone have an idea? Chris Woodruff
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How to sync MP3 player with Windows 10 - Microsoft Community

Tech support scams are an industry-wide issue where scammers trick you into paying for unnecessary technical support services. You can help protect yourself from scammers by verifying that the contact is a Microsoft Agent or Microsoft Employee and that the phone number is an official Microsoft global customer service number.
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Saving a podcast in Microsoft EDGE - Microsoft Community

1. Open the podcast in new tab or window. 2. Select "more options" that's the "---" in the upper-right corner. 3. Select "open with internet explorer" The "view and track your downloads window will open" You will be given the option to save the podcast. Done.
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Windows 10 doesn't install specific drivers for USB audio ...

This issue occurs because the USB audio 2.0 driver (usbaudio2.sys) isn't classified as a generic driver in Windows 10 Version 1703. Therefore, the system assumes that a compatible, nongeneric driver is installed for the device even though the driver is actually generic.

Windows 8 and Podcasts - Microsoft Community

If one cannot 'stream' podcast episodes from website to Windows 8 PC, as one can, could with W7/Zune, but one can not yet do so direct from a website, or want to use the W8 'PODCAST' app? One can always go 'manual' or 'puddle' save each individual podcast episode by way of 'save link as'? After 'saving link as' in the relevant folder on ones W8 PC, convert data name to the name of the episode ...
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How do you download podcasts to a WindowsPhone - Microsoft ...

Discovered by accident that if the podcast lists titles and you tap and hold over some of the podcast titles they give you the option to download. That seems to work, when you can get the title and the option. For other podcasts, the titles don't seem to be coming up at all. Trying out some alternative applications.
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