If the ear pads for your Surface Headphones are worn out or damaged, you can order replacement ear pads. After you receive your replacement ear pads, you can remove your old ear pads, and then attach the new ones.

Step 1: Order replacement ear pads

Here’s how to order replacement ear pads:

  1. Go to Device service and repair and sign in with your Microsoft account.

  2. Register your Surface Headphones and start a new repair order.

  3. Select the replacement accessories you need, and then create the order. If the accessory you need isn't listed, contact us.

Step 2: Remove old ear pads

To remove the old ear pads, do this:

  1. Rotate the ear pad on the Surface Headphones towards you—you should be able to see the inside of the ear pad.

  2. Hold the base of the headphone in one hand. With your other hand, twist the ear pad counterclockwise. Lift the ear pad up to remove it from the headphone base.

    Removing the Surface earmuff

Step 3: Attach the replacement ear pads

To attach the replacement ear pads, do this:

  1. Take one replacement ear pad, then line up the “R” or “L” symbol on the ear pad with the “R” or “L” symbol on the headphone base (depending on which ear pad you're replacing). Make sure the ear pad is fully seated on the headphone base.

    Line up the symbols on the Surface earmuffs

  2. Hold the base of the headphone in one hand. With your other hand, twist the ear pad clockwise until it clicks into place and doesn't rotate anymore. There will be a loud click when the ear pad is locked in place.

    Replacing the Surface earmuff

  3. If necessary, repeat the same steps with the other ear pad.

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