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Surface Pro Signature Type Cover is an optional accessory that delivers a true laptop experience with comfortable, responsive typing, backlit keys, and a large multi-touch trackpad.


Connect it to Surface Pro

Surface Pro Signature Type Cover connects to Surface Pro with magnets. Bring the bottom edge of Surface Pro close to the top edge of Surface Pro Signature Type Cover until the magnets click into place.

To detach Surface Pro Signature Type Cover, pull Surface Pro and Surface Pro Signature Type Cover apart.

Use the touchpad

Surface Pro Signature Type Cover comes with a touchpad, where you can use gestures to get around your PC instead of a mouse. See Try the latest touchpad gestures to learn more.

Protect your screen

When you're finished using your Surface Pro, fold Surface Pro Signature Type Cover over the front of the screen to make it sleep and keep it safe from scratches and damage. When you're ready to use it again, open Surface Pro Signature Type Cover and press the power button to wake up your Surface.

Care for Surface Pro Signature Type Cover

To keep the material looking like new, gently wipe with a slightly damp, lint free white cloth (to avoid color transfer) or screen cleaning wipe.

If you spill something on the material, try to clean the stain off within 30 minutes to help prevent it from setting. For most stains, a simple solution of warm water and mild soap (like hand soap) will do. Using swirling motions, gently clean using a clean, white, lint free cloth dampened with the soap solution, and then wipe dry using a clean lint free cloth.

Note: Don’t apply liquids directly to your Surface.

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