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Digital activity data in Insights

Your Digital activity report tells you how active your students were in Teams within a given time frame. Digital activity will tell you if they opened a file, visited a channel, attended a meeting (and for how long), and more.

By default, your report reflects all students, all activities, and the same time frame determined in the overview page. You can use the filters to customize your report depending on what you want to see. Select  Dropdown button  for all options in each filter.

  • Student filter: View data from all students or an individual.

  • Activity filter: View data from assignments, communication, file use, meetings, OneNote or Reflect.

  • Time filter: View data from today, yesterday, this week, last 7 days, this month, last 30 days, or a custom range.

digital activity options

You can see the level of a student's activity (estimated time spent) by the size of the bar that's in their row.


  • A dot next to a student's name means they weren't active at all in the time frame.

  • The default hours shown for a specific day are 7 AM to 8 PM. If a student is active outside of these hours, this time range will automatically expand to show their activity. 

digital activity screen with data box for a specific time frame

Inactive students in Digital activity report

You can hover over a bar in a student's row for specifics on their activity. Select Sort by name to see Most active or Least active students first. 

Depending on the filter you choose for activity type and time frame, you may see: 

  • Which online meetings they attended, and for how long. Hover over the red Missed meeting bar in the row next to a student's name to see which meeting they missed.

  • Channels visited

  • Tabs viewed

  • If they viewed or turned in an assignment

  • If they opened or edited a file

  • If they posted a message, replied to one, or reacted.

  • OneNote information

  • Reflect information

Sort students dropdown menu

Hover over the missed meeting bar to see the meeting a student missed

  1. In your report, select More options  More options button.

  2. Select Export to Excel.

  • In Excel, your digital activity data will be reflected with student names and a column for each day within the selected time frame.

  • If the student was active one day, a "V" appears in the cell.

  • An empty cell means that the student was inactive that day.

Select Export to Excel from More options dropdown in report

Excel report downloaded from the Insights app

  • Track student attendance: Send a message in the General channel of your class team to check in with students, including a prompt for them to reply. You can use your Digital activity report to see at a glance which students replied.

  • Spark discussion: When you want to make sure students read a resource that isn't tracked as an assignment in Teams, like an online article, you can post about the resource in a channel and ask the class to reply. Your report can tell you how many students replied to the post.


  • Data on class meeting attendance will take a few hours after the meeting ends to be reflected in the digital activity report. In some cases, the data may take up to 24 hours to appear. 

  • Insights collects data from both desktop and mobile devices for meeting attendance, tabs viewed, assignment activity, file activity, and message activity. Data on channels visited is only collected from desktop devices. 

Communication activity data in Insights

Assignment status data in Insights

Grades activity data in Insights

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