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Use Teams to guide the class conversation and keep meetings on track.

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Limit chat in channel meetings

Channel moderation lets you choose who can post to chat in a channel meeting.  

  1. Go to the channel and open More options  More options button.

  2. Select Manage channel.

  3. Move the Channel moderation switch On.

  4. Under Team member permissions, select the checkboxes next to the activities you want to allow. If you do not want students to post, select the checkbox next to Allow members to reply to channel messages.

  5. To designate students who can post to chat click Manage. Add students and remove them when you need.

Note: You can ask your IT Admin to adjust settings so you can manage chat in both general and channel meetings. 

Raise your hand and Live reactions

You and your students can raise your hand virtually or express yourself with an emoji.

  1. On the meeting toolbar, hover over the icon for Raise your hand/Live reactions.

  2. If you need to ask a question or make a comment, click the hand icon Raise your hand.

  3. Or choose an emoji to display a response or feeling.

Mute students

To choose when to open class discussion, click Show participants  Show participants icon and make your selection:

  1. Choose Mute all to turn off everyone's microphone but your own.

    Note: You cannot unmute students, but you can control when they can unmute. 

  2. Mute one or more students by hovering over their name. Select More options  More options button and Mute.

    Tip: To keep students from unmuting, select Show participants > Don't allow attendees to unmuteDon't allow. When you want students to be able to unmute, repeat these steps and choose Allow attendees to unmute

Take attendance

Create a report of students who attended the class meeting.  

  1. Select Show participants  Show participants icon ​​​.

  2. Click Download attendee list  Download attendee list in Microsoft Teams Meetings.

  3. Your report is saved in your Downloads folder and can be opened in Excel

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