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AI instructions for educators are designed to offer options to add more details, increase inclusivity, and engage young readers. Using AI, teachers can quickly convey instructions to students that are clear, concise, and appropriate for their grade level.  

How to use AI to help create instructions

1. Start by navigating to your class team and selecting Assignments. 

2. Choose Create > Assignment. 

3. Enter a title for your assignment. 

4. Begin typing instructions for the assignment. After you type ten characters, AI assisted suggested content based on the assignment title, the information in the instructions field, the classwork module (if applicable), the class name, and grade level will appear in the toolbar at the bottom of the textbox. 

The more content that is initially entered, the better generative AI content results will be. 

lab report

  • Grade Level: The grade level is set here to help guide the LLM (Large Language Model) that powers the generative AI. The set grade level is the active target audience for the assignment. “Grade 8” is the default grade level, but this can be changed.

    Select the  slider icon icon in the right corner of the AI toolbar to assign a grade level. For subsequent creations in this class the last used grade level will be active.

    choose grade

  • Add Detail: Use the current text but expand the concepts that are outlined in the instructions.

  • Add Steps: Use the current text but format with clear steps to the instructions for students to follow.

  • Add Sparkle: Use the current text but add emoji for key concepts and steps.

  • Add Learning Objectives: Use the current text but add suggested learning objectives for the assignments.

  • Clarify Concepts: Use the current text and outline the key concepts to know for the assignment.

  • Simplify: Revise the current text for easier reading.

  • Emphasize Key Concepts: Use the current text but bold Key Concepts in the text.

  • MLL Focused: Use the current text but simplify for multi-language learner students, available only for English.

  • More: The More option shows additional Generative AI actions, which can't be displayed due to limited available space in the AI toolbar.

Note: Generative AI instructions are capped at 10 generations. Each action added counts as a generation. A counter under the AI toolbar will display how many generations are remaining.

5. Choose any one of these AI suggestions to generate detailed instructions for the assignment. 

lab report steps
Choose the Keep it button if you like what has been generated. 

Select the Regenerate button for another result that may be more tailored to your assignment. 

You can choose the Cancel button at any time to go back to your original instructions. 

Note: You can use version navigation located in the left corner of the AI toolbar to compare a new generation to previous versions. 

6. Provide feedback for your Generated AI results by choosing a thumb up or down icon. Regular feedback helps train the system and improve AI generated instructions for other educators. 


7. Proceed with creating your assignment. Learn more about creating an assignment in Microsoft teams.

How to translate assignment instructions into a different language

To create assignment instructions in another language from English, you can write the content in English and modify it according to the steps below. 

1. Enter assignment instructions in your native language. 

2. Navigate to the  toggle icon in the right corner of the assignment instructions text box. 

3. Choose the option for Language

4. Select a new language from the list. 

Generative AI will translate the instructions for your assignment into the language you select. 

Learn more

Instructions Generation: Responsible AI FAQ

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