Delete a community in Yammer

Note: Note: This topic describes features in new Yammer. For information on using this feature in classic Yammer, see Delete a group in Yammer.

If you have required permissions, you can delete a Yammer community.

  1. In the community you want to delete, click more options More icon for changing community settings to the right of the community name , and then click the Settings Yammer community settings icon icon .

    Yammer community header and Settings dropdown

  2. If you want to delete all conversations and files in a public community, first make the community private:

    1. Select Private Access, and then click Save Changes.

    2. Click Settings Yammer community settings icon again to return to the settings page.

  3. In the bottom right corner of the community settings page, click Delete Community, and in the confirmation page, click Delete.

What's deleted when you delete a community

When a community is deleted, the messages in that community are deleted and immediately removed from search results and end-user views.

How long the conversations are retained for the purposes of eDiscovery and other compliance features will depend on the configuration of your network retention settings.

If your network retention settings are set to:

  • Archive — These conversations will be retained indefinitely.

  • Delete — These conversations will be retained for 30 days, after which time they will be permanently deleted and unrecoverable.

Required permissions

If you are a community admin for a community, you can delete that community. Network admins can delete any community they are a member of. Verified admins can delete any community.


Q. Is there any way to retrieve deleted data after a community has been deleted?

A. Check with the person or department in your business who has admin permissions. In a large business, this is someone in the internal help desk or technical support department. Depending on the data retention policies that your verified admin set for your Yammer network, deleted Yammer data may still be available in data exports.

If the deleted community was a Microsoft 365 connected group, the Microsoft 365 resources will be available for 30 days. For more information, see Restore a deleted group.

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