Ringtones and Sounds options

Use the Lync – Options > Ringtone and Sounds to choose ringtones for your calls and other sounds, such as notifications and alerts.

Select Ringtones for your calls

When you set up different ringtones, you can easily identify the type of call when the phone rings.

  1. In the Calls to box, click the type of call that you want to choose a ringtone for, such as work number or your team call group, if one is set up.

  2. In the Ringtone list on the right side, click the ringtone to hear a sample.

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Choose specific sounds

  • By default, Lync plays a sound for certain events, such as when you receive an IM or call.

  • If you don’t want to hear sounds, clear the box next to Play sounds in Lync (including ringtones for incoming alerts and IM alerts).

  • Under Sounds, check or clear the options such as mute incoming IM alert, or keep sounds to minimum when presence is set to Busy or Do Not Disturb.

  • To set specific sounds:

  • Click Sound Settings and on the Sounds tab, scroll down to Lync.

  • Click an event, such as Call Ended.

  • In the Sounds menu, click a sound option, then click Test to hear it.

  • Click OK when you are done.

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Play music on hold

If this option is turned on for your company, you can choose an audio file, such as music or a recorded announcement, to play when you put callers on hold.

  1. Check the box next to Play music on hold.

  2. Click Browse to choose a WMA or WAV format audio file on your computer to play while your callers are on hold.

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