Windows 10 Anniversary Update: Loss of music and video

Applies to: Windows 10

When installing the Windows 10 Anniversary Update some people will get this message: 

Loss of music and video content with update 

We recommend you do not proceed with this update as your device may have some music or video content that is protected by an older rights management technology, which is not supported. If you install this update, you may no longer be able to play these music or video files. Close this dialog box to cancel, or you can choose to confirm to install the update. 

Similar messages might also appear in the following apps if you try to play music or video after installing the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.  

Windows Media Player: 
Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the file. 

CAN’T PLAY. Can’t play, burn or sync this protected file. To see if there’s more information about this error, click Web Help. Error code C000D11E7 

We show these messages if:

  • Any of your audio or video files have Windows Media Digital Rights Management (WMDRM). This includes music files in the WMA format that you ripped from CDs using Windows Media Player (any version up to Windows 10 version 1511) with the “copy protect music” option selected. This option was the default for a while, so you might not be aware that it was selected at the time you ripped your files. We’re working on a fix for content you ripped from CDs and should have one in a few months. Please come back to this page for more info.
  • You bought and downloaded audio or video from certain online stores including Zune Marketplace. (Downloaded or streaming audio or video from stores like Amazon, Hulu, or Netflix should be fine.)
If you install the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, any files that use WMDRM rights management won’t play.