Update Surface firmware and Windows 10

Applies to: Surface DevicesSurface

Two types of updates keep your Surface performing its best: Surface updates for hardware, also known as firmware, and Windows 10 software updates. Both types install automatically as they become available. If you have any questions or problems with an update, here’s some info that might help.

Let's walk through the update process for a Surface device that's running Windows 10 starting with preparation of your equipment and internet connection.

Before you begin updating

Attach your Surface Typing Cover or Surface docking station (if you have one) so it gets the latest updates, too.

  • Make sure you have an internet connection, preferably Wi-Fi, which is the best for downloads. If you can’t install updates because of Wi-Fi problems, see Can’t connect to a wireless network.
  • If you can't use Wi-Fi, turn Off the setting for Set as metered connection to get all updates over your mobile broadband connection. For info about how to change this setting, see Metered Internet connections: FAQ. Some Windows updates might not download over a metered connection.
  • Plug your Surface into an outlet, and make sure your Surface is charged to at least 40 percent before installing updates. Keep your Surface plugged in and turned on while it's updating.

Update Surface firmware

After following the preparation steps, download update files manually for any Surface device except Surface Pro or Surface Pro 2. For those two devices, all updates are automatic with no manual update option.

To select and update your Surface device, see Download drivers and firmware for Surface.

Update Windows 10

After following the preparation steps, see Check for Windows updates to see available updates and manage your options. For more info, see Trouble installing Surface and Windows updates?


More update info

To learn about the Surface updates released so far, see Surface update history.

To see which Windows and Surface updates you've already installed, see Windows Update: FAQ, How do I see installed updates on my PC?

You can also get information about Surface updates for Windows 8.1. Or, if you're looking for Windows 10 updates on a PC, rather than Surface, you can go right to Update Windows 10 .