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Get started with Windows Phone

Here's a quick rundown of the basics on your Windows Phone—things like making calls, sending texts, and getting apps.

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Sign in to your phone

Sign in with a Microsoft account to download apps, back stuff up, and more. You'll have a chance to sign in when you first set up your phone, but you can do it later, too.

Make a phone call

First and foremost, your phone is for making calls.

    Asset not found On Start , tap Phone Asset not found > Keypad Asset not found.


    Asset not found Enter a phone number, and then tap Call.


Send a text

Here's how to start a new text. To reply to a message, just tap it.

 Asset not foundOn Start , tap Messaging 

    > New Asset not found.

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Asset not found Enter a phone number or contact, type your message, and then tap Send Asset not found.

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Add a contact

Add a brand-new contact like this, or import contacts from other places.

    Asset not found On Start , tap People Asset not found. Then swipe over to Contacts and tap New Asset not found.

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Asset not found Type in the boxes and tap Save Asset not found  (if you have more than one account set up, you'll need to choose the one you want first).

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Get apps

What's a smartphone without fun and useful apps?

On Start , tap Store Asset not found, then tap a tile to see details, swipe to see more, or tap Search Asset not found.

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Find your apps

On Start , swipe over to the App list. Tap Search Asset not found to find a specific app, or tap a letter to jump to that section.

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Pin apps to Start

In the App list, tap and hold the app you want to pin, and then tap Pin to start.

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Set a lock screen password

A lock screen password can help keep your phone more secure.


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  • Windows Phone 8