Fix problems with the Start menu

Koskee seuraavia: Windows 10

If you’re having problems with the Start menu, here’s a few things you can try to get it working again.

Un-hide the taskbar

If your taskbar is hidden, you might not be able to see or select Start to open the Start menu. Here’s how to un-hide the taskbar:

Press the Windows logo key + I and then select Personalization > Taskbar. Next, turn on Lock the taskbar, and then turn off Automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode or Automatically hide the taskbar in tablet mode.

Check for updates

Your Start menu could be affected by pending updates for features, drivers, definitions, or other updates. Here’s how to check for updates and install them:

  1. Select Start > Settings 

    • Need another way to get to Settings? Here’s a couple to try:
      • Press the Windows logo key + I
      • Press the Windows logo key + R, then type ms-settings: (include the colon) in the Open box. Select OK to open Settings.
  1. In Settings , select Update & security  > Windows Update, and then select Check for updates or select Download. Install any updates that are pending, and restart your device. You can also shut it down and then turn it on again later.
  2. Here’s a few ways to restart or shut down your device:
    • Select Start > Power  and then select Restart  or Shut down .
    • Press CtrlAltDelete, select Power  and then select Restart  or Shut down .
    • You can manually shut down your device by pressing and holding the power button. Shutting down this way risks losing unsaved data, so first be sure to save and close everything you’re working on. If you decide to shut down this way, you can restart your device by pressing the power button again.