Fix Bluetooth problems in Windows 10 Mobile: FAQ

Applies to: Windows 10 Mobile

Connecting your Windows 10 Mobile phone to different Bluetooth devices lets you do a lot of things on your phone. For example, you can:

  • Play music over Bluetooth speakers or headphones or in your car.
  • Use Cortana in your car.
  • Pair with some NFC–capable accessories, such as some Bluetooth speakers.
  • Make hands-free calls using the hands-free system in your car.
  • Have incoming text messages on your phone read aloud and reply to them—all hands free.
  • Share files over Bluetooth with other phones, tablets, laptops, and PCs.
  • Use a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.
  • Track your fitness using a fitness sensor
  • Share your cellular data connection over Bluetooth when using your phone as a mobile hotspot, so you can connect to the Internet on other devices.

If you’re having problems with Bluetooth on your phone, check out the questions and answers below for things you can try.