PRB: VBScript Compilation Error Message '800a03e9' Out of Memory


When you preview code written in Visual Basic Script in a browser, the following error message appears:

Microsoft VBScript compilation error '800a03e9' Out of Memory


VBScript has a maximum static string limit of 1,022 characters, and this error appears any time a line of code exceeds 1,022 characters.


Most of the time, the line of code in error is the SQL statement since SELECT statements can be very large. You can use one of the following to work around this problem:

  • If the SELECT goes against a single table, remove the "table." prefix in front of each column.
  • Create a variable to hold the SELECT statement, and concatenate the SQL over several lines as follows:

    MySQL = "SELECT table.col1, table.col2 "
    MySQL = MySQL & "FROM table "
    MySQL = MySQL & "Where x = 3"
  • If the number of columns are relatively small, but the SELECT statement selects from multiple tables, create a view. Select against the view, omitting the "table." prefix in front of the columns.
  • For non-SQL lines of code that are too large, you can use the second workaround listed previously.


This behavior is by design.