How to disable the "Test mode" message that is displayed in Windows

Applies to: Windows 8 EnterpriseWindows 8 ProWindows 8


When you start your Windows 8-based or Windows 7-based computer, you receive the following message in the lower-right corner of the desktop, depending on your version of Windows.

Windows 8.1
Test mode Windows 8.1 build 9490

Windows 8
Test mode Windows 8 build 9200
Windows 7
Test mode Windows 7 build 7600
Note This message may also mention a more specific edition of Windows. For example, the message may be, “Test mode Windows 8 Pro build 9200.”


This message is displayed because your computer is running in test mode. (For more information, go to the "More Information" section.)

More Information

The test mode message indicates that the test signing mode of the operating system is started on the computer. The test signing mode may start if an installed program is in a test phase because it uses drivers that are not digitally signed by Microsoft.

Microsoft added test mode to Windows so that users can test programs without having to provide an authentication certificate.