MS12-060: Description of the security update for Commerce Server 2009 R2: August 14, 2012


Microsoft has released the security bulletin MS12-060. To view the complete security bulletin, go to one of the following Microsoft websites:

How to obtain help and support for this security update

Help installing updates: Support for Microsoft Update

Security solutions for IT professionals: TechNet Security Troubleshooting and Support

Help protect your Windows-based computer from viruses and malware: Virus Solution and Security Center

Local support according to your country: International Support

Command-line switches for this update

For information about the various command-line switches that are supported by this update, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
262841 Command-line switches for Windows software update packages

Restart information

This update may require a restart. The installer stops the required services, applies the update, and then restarts the services. However, if the required services cannot be stopped for any reason, or if the required files are being used, this update will require a restart. If this behavior occurs, you receive a message that advises you to allow the restart.

Removal information

This update cannot be removed.

Update replacement information

This update replaces the following update:
2658676 MS12-027: Description of the security update for Microsoft Commerce Server 2009 R2: April 10, 2012

File information

The English (United States) version of this update installs files that have the attributes that are listed in the following tables. The dates and the times for these files are listed in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). The dates and the times for these files on your local computer are displayed in your local time together with your current daylight saving time (DST) bias. Additionally, the dates and the times may change when you perform certain operations on the files.

File nameFile versionFile sizeDateTimeHashesPlatform
Dhtmlheader.htmlNot applicable16,61423-Sep-200906:54Not applicableNot applicable
Header.bmpNot applicable7,30823-Sep-200906:52Not applicableNot applicable
Parameterinfo.xmlNot applicable4,12619-Jan-201218:52Not applicableNot applicable
Runregsvr.exe9.0.40601.1214,09601-Feb-201220:55MD5: A2F7D0DA1EC1BC028E6526073D962B05
SHA1: 785AB8F16D452E980EA2745548571697935A8F29
Securitypatch.exe9.0.40601.203808,04029-May-201218:38MD5: EAC7ACBE7B49F0D605256404EE809CEB
SHA1: 983095B7A78549737D990508908F257B7B749CFC
Spinstaller.exe9.0.30703.175,08023-Sep-200912:24MD5: 9F8CB37E6E125F207F5097D453D82D7C
SHA1: B30BDE93EE11E282CC6D601B786579AB3210A5A2
Spinstallerengine.dll9.0.30703.1590,16023-Sep-200912:24MD5: 0FB863CAE289E70BA5C756FD0B6B020F
SHA1: 73A89A5E7938B344AD5B1B614AF94D58C47DF0CF
Spinstallerui.dll9.0.30703.1234,82423-Sep-200912:24MD5: 60993C5D0A2150D48E0AE6B063B6DA3A
SHA1: ED6A8D6B5D46F99B747CC506E0B9CCC1D9B02A9C
Sqmapi.dll6.0.6000.16386144,41623-Sep-200906:54MD5: 3F0363B40376047EFF6A9B97D633B750
SHA1: 4EAF6650ECA5CE931EE771181B04263C536A948B
Uiinfo.xmlNot applicable1,84223-Sep-200906:52Not applicableNot applicable
Watermark.bmpNot applicable434,32823-Sep-200906:52Not applicableNot applicable
Eula.rtfNot applicable237,31026-Oct-201120:15Not applicableNot applicable
Localizeddata.xmlNot applicable4,82023-Sep-200913:28Not applicableNot applicable
Spinstallerresources.dll9.0.30703.147,96023-Sep-200913:28MD5: BC0181186B3FD31C25257ED7987C9193
SHA1: F8160D15CA5A0DD1195BEE75C9C668A6D38EEAE2

Applies to

This article applies to the following:
  • Microsoft Commerce Server 2009 R2