How to Confirm that the Windows 8 System is Activated Successfully

Se aplica a: Windows 8

After installing and activating the Windows 8 system, many users find that the system shows successful activation, but not really activated when in real use.

Here, Yi Baodian introduces a simple method for checking if the Windows 8 system is activated successfully:

1. Hold down the "Win+F" on the keyboard into the search dialog box.

2. Enter "cmd" in the dialog box and press Enter on the keyboard.

2. In the new pop-up dialog box, enter "slmgr/xpr".

3. Check the new pop-up dialog box. If Windows 8 is successfully activated, software version information and the expiration date will be displayed.

If you have activation problems, you can find out whether your Windows 8 system is successfully activated or not through the above checking.

If not, you can go to the Forums to look for some good solutions.

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