Perceptive Pixel by Microsoft Screen Calibration

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This article describes how users can calibrate their USB-based Perceptive Pixel by Microsoft 27", 55" and 82" devices.

More Information

Screen calibration is generally needed only one time during the initial installation of your device.

Calibration Procedure

  1. Open the Perceptive Pixel Multitouch app, located in the Control Panel, under Hardware and Sound.
  2. In the Sensors tab, choose your sensor listed under Sensor Devices

  3. Click Calibrate. You will be presented with the calibration screen, consisting of nine square points.

  4. Touch the center of each box until each box becomes bright green. You may need to shift your fingertip slightly to get the crosshair to align with the box. If a box turns red, brown, or a dull green you should move on to other boxes and then come back to it.

  5. You will have calibrated the display properly when all of the boxes are bright green and the feedback text reads "9 touch calibration points, accuracy=excellent".

  6. For stylus calibration, it is necessary to exit the current calibration screen and then re-enter. Follow the directions outlined above utilizing your stylus rather than your finger. Otherwise, click EXIT CALIBRATION to complete the calibration process.