How to direct book a resource in Outlook

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For a Microsoft Outlook 98 (CW) version of this article, see 180424 .


Outlook can automatically schedule the use of resources for conference rooms, vehicles, or AV equipment. This provides the automatic sending of confirmations, and allows booking through e-mail messages as opposed to requiring a direct network connection.

More Information

How to Define a Resource Account

  1. Create a new e-mail account for the resource by using the Microsoft Exchange Server Administrator account.
  2. Start Outlook by using the new resource account to create the default folders in the mailbox on the server.
  3. On the Tools menu, click Options.
  4. Click Calendar Options, and then click Resource Scheduling.
  5. Click to select all three Meeting Request options, and then click Set Permissions.
  6. Click Add to add the users that will be allowed to use the resource.
  7. Assign at least Author permissions for each user.
  8. Click OK to close the dialog boxes, and then quit Outlook.

How to Direct-Book an Appointment to the Resource

You can book the resource at the same time that you create the meeting. You can view the free/busy information of the resource account in the
Plan a Meeting form.

Use the following steps to invite attendees and resources to a meeting:
  1. Click Calendar.
  2. On the Actions menu, click Plan A Meeting.
  3. In the Plan A Meeting dialog box, click Invite Others.
  4. In the Type name or Select from List box, type the name of the person or resource that you want at the meeting.
  5. For each name entered, click either Required, Optional, or Resources.

    NOTE: As a rule, users should be invited as Required or Optional, and resources should be invited as Resources. The meeting invitation is addressed with the required and optional attendees appearing in the To box on the Appointment tab, and the resources appear in the Location box.
  6. Click OK, and then use the scroll bars to view the free/busy time for invitees.
  7. Click a time when all invitees are available. You can use AutoPick to find the next available free time for all invitees.
  8. Click Make Meeting.
Note When you direct book a resource, you update the free/busy information for the resource.