Description of Update Rollup 2 for System Center 2012 R2 Data Protection Manager

Applies to: System Center 2012 R2 Data Protection ManagerSystem Center 2012 R2

This update rollup was re-released on May 20, 2014 to resolve a "DPMAMService" crash that occurred if the original update (KB 2958100) was applied.

If you already installed Update Rollup 2 on your Windows Server 2003 servers, you do not have to reinstall the Update Rollup 2 agent that is required for Windows Server 2003 communication for this re-release. Additional updates after this re-release will install and work as expected.


This article describes the new features and the issues that are fixed in Update Rollup 2 for Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 Data Protection Manager (DPM). This article also contains installation instructions for Update Rollup 2 for System Center 2012 R2 Data Protection Manager, and it contains agent installation instructions to protect Windows Server 2003 workloads.

New features in this update rollup

  • Support for Windows Server 2003 workloads

    DPM 2012 R2 now supports backup and recovery of Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2003 servers. After you install Update Rollup 2, you will be able to protect Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2003 by using DPM 2012 R2. The following workloads are supported in Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2003:
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Microsoft SQL Server 2005
    • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
    This update includes a new agent for Windows Server 2003. If you have not previously installed Update Rollup 2, see the "Installation instructions" section.
  • Protection of SQL AlwaysOn with Clustering

    Protection and recovery of availability groups that are built with or without clustered instances is now supported and works seamlessly in the same manner that it does for nonclustered availability groups.

    Primary/Secondary ClusteredStand-alone
    ClusteredSupported in UR2Supported in UR2
    Stand-aloneSupported in UR2Already supported

Issues that are fixed in this update rollup

This update fixes the following issues that were not previously documented in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
  • Catalog generation fails for SharePoint 2013 sites that contain app store parts.
  • DPM does not display recovery point volume used space information. The value is always set to 0 KB.
  • If the SetBackupComplete command is called prematurely, this causes SetBackupSucceeded to be called and generate a 0x80042301 error in VSS.
  • SharePoint item level recovery fails when the first part of the site URL matches another site in SharePoint.
  • Status reports indicate that the Data Protection Manager data (DPMDB) is not protected even though it is actually protected and valid Recovery Points are recorded for it.
  • An Invalid Trace Message format string causes a second-chance System.FormatException exception and also causes termination of the DPM process.

Installation instructions

To install the update for Data Protection Manager, follow these steps:

  1. Before you install this update, make a backup of the DPMDB.
  2. Install the rollup package on the server that is running System Center 2012 R2 Data Protection Manager. To do this, run Microsoft Update on the server.

    Note Before you install this update through Microsoft Update, the Data Protection Manager console should be closed. You may have to restart the Data Protection Manager server after you install this rollup package.
  3. In the Data Protection Manager Administrator console, update the protection agents. To do this, use one of the following methods.

    Update the protection agents on Windows Server 2003 servers

    Install the Windows Server 2003 agent by using the following steps in order to protect Windows Server 2003 servers with DPM 2012 R2 UR2:
    1. Install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable on Windows Server 2003 servers, if it is not already installed.

      Note You receive the following error message if the C++ redistributable is not installed:

      Data Protection Manager Setup

      Could not load the setup launch screen. Please contact Microsoft Product Support.
    2. Copy the Windows Server 2003 Agent installer from the DPM server to the Windows Server 2003 server, and then install the agent.

      • 64-bit: DPM_Installation_Location\DPM\agents\RA\4.2.1235.0\amd64\1033\DPMAgentInstaller_Win2K3_AMD64.exe
      • 32-bit: DPM_Installation_Location\DPM\agents\RA\4.2.1235.0\i386\1033\
    3. Run the following command at an administrative command prompt:

      cd DPM Agent Installation Location\DPM\bin setdpmserver.exe –dpmservername  DPM_Server_Name 
    4. Run the following Windows PowerShell cmdlet to establish a connection with the DPM server:

      Attach-ProductionServer.ps1  DPMServerName ProductionServerName UserName Password Domain 
    5. On the DPM server, click Refresh two times on the agent that is connected to the management user interface. Then, validate that the Health Service state is initialized.

    Update the protection agents on other production servers

    To update the protection agents on other production servers, use either of the following methods.

    Method 1: Update the protection agents from the Data Protection Manager Administrator
    1. Open the Data Protection Manager Administrator Console.
    2. Click the Management tab, and then click the Agents tab.
    3. In the Protected Computer list, select a computer, and then click Update in the Action pane.
    4. Click Yes, and then click Update Agents.

      Note You may have to restart the computer after you install the agent upgrades.

    Method 2: Update the protection agents on the protected computers

    1. Obtain the update protection agent package from the following directory on the System Center 2012 R2 Data Protection Manager server:

      The installation packages are as follows:

      • For x86-based updates: i386\1033\DPMAgentInstaller_KB 2963543.exe
      • For x64-based updates: amd64\1033\DPMAgentInstaller_KB 2963543_AMD64.exe
    2. Run the appropriate DPMAgentInstaller.exe package on each protected computer, based on the architecture of the agent.
    3. Open the Data Protection Manager Administrator Console on the System Center 2012 R2 Data Protection Manager server.
    4. Click the Management tab, and then click the Agents tab. Select the protected computers, update the information, and then verify that the agent version number is 4.2.1235.0.
Learn about Installing Protection Agents Manually.

Download instructions

Update packages for Data Protection Manager are available from Microsoft Update or by manual download.

Microsoft Update

To obtain and install an update package from Microsoft Update, follow these steps on a computer that has an applicable System Center 2012 R2 component installed:
  1. Click Start, and then click Control Panel.
  2. In Control Panel, double-click Windows Update.
  3. In the Windows Update window, click Check Online for updates from Microsoft Update.
  4. Click Important updates are available.
  5. Select the Update Rollup packages that you want to install, and then click OK.
  6. To install the selected update packages, click Install updates.

Microsoft Update Catalog

Go to the following website to manually download the update packages from the Microsoft Update Catalog: