You can't complete a purchase in the Office 365 portal


When you try to make a purchase in the Office 365 portal, you experience one of the following issues:
  • You're prompted multiple times to sign in to the Office 365 portal.

    Screen shot of the sign in message in the Office 365 portal
  • You receive a message that an issue was found.


To resolve this issue, follow these steps:
  1. In Internet Explorer, click Tools, and then click Internet options.
  2. On the Security tab, make sure that the Enable Protected Mode option is selected for the Internet and Local intranet zones.

    Screen shot of the Enable protected mode option selected in Internet options

    Note Make sure that you click each zone to enable this setting.
  3. Click the Privacy tab. Make sure that cookies aren't disabled. Additionally, consider using the following settings:
    • Use Medium for the Internet zone.

      Screen shot of the Privacy tab in Internet Explorer
    • Or, you can click Advanced and override cookie handling, as shown in the following screen shot:

      Screen shot of the Advanced Privacy Settings dialog box

After following the above steps, if you still get the same error: "Sign-in required for security reasons, please try signing in again", please follow the next steps.

NEXT STEPS: Edit the company profile (make sure the specific fields "address, city, state, zipcode, phone" have valid information), and then edit the user ID profile. Logout and re-login. You can find a trial subscription from Get the most from Office with Office 365, so you have 30 days to review and to finalize a purchase.

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