Windows 7 webcam does not work in Windows Store apps in Windows 8 or a later operating system

Applies to: Windows 8.1 EnterpriseWindows 8.1 ProWindows 8.1


Assume that you attach an old webcam (such as Microsoft LifeCam VX-1000 or LifeCam VX-3000) to a computer that is running Windows 8 or a later operating system. The webcam works correctly in desktop applications. However, the webcam does not work in Windows Store apps, such as Microsoft Skype app. Additionally, you may receive an error message that asks you to connect a camera to the app.

Note The webcam still works in all desktop applications including applications that were used in Windows 7 or an earlier version of Windows operating system. No functionality for the webcam is lost by upgrading to Windows 8 or Windows 8.1.

For more information about old webcams, see "More information" section.


This issue occurs because Windows Store apps look for cameras that have a KSCATEGORY_VIDEO_CAMERA tag. The tag is only given to cameras that meet the required capabilities. Older webcams usually do not have this tag, whereas newer cameras should always have this tag.


There is no workaround for this issue. Currently, we recommend that you use a newer webcam in Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or a later operating system.

More Information

An old webcam usually is any webcam that was made before Windows 7. After Windows 7 was released, the standard for new cameras was changed to have the required capabilities for the KSCATEGORY_VIDEO_CAMERA tag.